Water Quality Management

Why Do You Need It

Water quality of our stormwater lake and pond systems is rarely recognized but is the controlling factor for all natural processes within the stormwater system. Along with flood control, the Stormwater Retention System should intercept the pollutants of the immediate water shed. All stormwater systems eventually drain into our State Waters witch eventually makes it’s way to our Oceans. Our Water Quality Control Method reduces runoff nutrients, organics, digests leaf and grass clippings, oils, and petroleum products.

Biological / Natural Improvement Program

Bluewater has developed a proprietary blend of beneficial microbes that are implemented to improve water quality. A Stormwater System is constantly bombarded with an influx of nutrients and pollutants from either stormwater runoff or excessive irrigation. Excessive irrigation moves laterally under the soil gravitating to the lowest point on the property, which is normally the Stormwater System. Our formulations are proven to improve the water quality, and reduce filamentous algae blooms and excessive plant growth. Cyanobacteria ( blue-green algae) are completely digested from the water column through encouraged natural processes. The rendered Cyanotoxins are also removed from the system because they are considered a nutrient.

Trash Management / Plastics Control

Every Bluewater Aquatic Management Program has trash management incorporated within the scheduled site visit. Common trash is removed from the immediate shoreline on a regular basis at no additional cost to the client. This is part of our Microplastics Control protocol to remove polypropylene and Styrofoam from our natural environments. Every little bit counts, leave it better than you found it.

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