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Certified Service Provider for SOX Erosion Solutions.

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Our Custom Aquatic Management Programs are custom designed for the client’s needs. Each aquatic site has different water chemistry, nitrification, plants and…


Bluewater Environmental of Florida is the North Florida Certified Service Provider for SOX Erosion Solutions™. Our erosion products and techniques will……


Water quality of our stormwater lake and pond systems is rarely recognized but is the controlling factor for all natural processes within the stormwater system…

Rum Island Spring Reopens

People look at the renovations and cleaning done to the spring head area at Rum Island Spring and Park during the reopening of the park north of High Springs, Fla., Sept. 22, 2020. After months of renovations Rum Island Spring and Park have reopened with a few new additions, new bathrooms, repaired boat dock and a cleaned out and shored up spring area that looks amazing. Read More

Bluewater Environmental provides many aquatic services for Stormwater Lakes and Ponds, Wetlands, and Natural areas. Our clientele vary from Governmental, Commercial, and Residential Communities. Over 25 years experience in Profession Stormwater Management, Area Mosquito Control, Water Quality Control, Wetland Management, Erosion Control and Shoreline Stabilization. Bluewater Environmental can remedy any of your stormwater issues with professional results.


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