Stormwater Pond Management Programs

Our Custom Aquatic Management Programs are custom designed for the client’s needs. Each aquatic site has different water chemistry, nitrification, plants and algae species. Most aquatic sites have native plants, invertebrates and fish species that must be considered when developing an Aquatic Management Plan. A custom protocol may consist of biological and chemical control methods that benefit the ecosystem and aid in natural processes.

The primary function of a stormwater pond or lake is flood control for the neighborhood. Therefore; the entire neighborhood drains into the waterway along with any pollutants washing off lawns and streets. These pollutants contribute to poor water quality, low oxygen levels, and primarily plant and algae growth. Bluewater is committed to improve stormwater quality with our monthly management protocol because all methods of control depend upon that single factor. Poor water Quality = Diminished Control Results with excessive plant and algal growth.

A typical Aquatic Management Program would control:

  • Cattails and Grasses
  • Submerged Vegetation
  • Floating Plants
  • Algae and Blue-Green Algae

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